Monday, August 21, 2006

TBH-IMO's 5 TV Series to Watch Before you Die, Pt 1

I was thinking this morning whilst on my neighbourhood peramble, that instead of having a political rant today, I'd tell you something reasonably useful, and tell you what 5 TV series to watch before you die, and why. As usual, feel welcome to disagree with me.

First, A clarification: By TV Series I don't mean one where you can just drop in and out of and there's very little continuity between episodes. This rules out shows such as The Simpsons, Futurama, Blackadder, Family Guy, Red Dwarf, etc. Though I enjoy all of those shows, they are not series in my sense of the word: IE shows I feel compelled to watch to the end. Additionally, these shows are not ranked in any particular order.

For the next few days, My blog will be devoted to this, so stay tuned TV fans. If I reccomend a TV series to you, know it is of the highest caliber, and you should make every effort to watch it (through whatever means you choose!)

1. Lost

For those who have been living under a rock, Lost was a smash hit series when it launched two years ago in the States and has only recently caught on at home in the UK. Put simply, Lost is fantastic, but frustrating. The plot is highly simple: A crashed plane deposits survivors on an Island in the atlantic, and no search operation finds them. But there is far more at work on the Island: mysterious hatches, voices and inexplicable phenomena drive the "lostees" (as they are known) to increasing levels of paranoia and insecurity. I've gotta say: you have to watch this series. If I ever present a television award, it'd be to the writers of this.

Without giving anything away, the frustration only sets in when the lostees never get to the bottom of the mystery: it just seems to get deeper and deeper. However, don't let this dishearten you, the seasons themselves are fantastic, and there is a mere month to go before the third season kicks off in the US on ABC.

One of the fantastic things about this series is not only the continuity, but the excellent community it has spawned. It has a fanbase who are trying to continually decode and debunk the mystery. There is also an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) made by the producers which not only fleshes out the incidental details in the series, but keeps the fans guessing and the connection between producers and audience very strong. An ARG, breifly, is a game based on the series but it is played in real life. See the above link for futher details. The main site for the ARG, (in my opinion) for those who are interested, can be found here.

If you're still skeptical as to whether to make the jump into Lost, you can view video recaps of the show at, here. Alternativley, are offering a breif viewing of a full episode of Lost before the inception of the next series, but you better be quick to catch that one.

TBH-IMO's Series rating: 9.5/10


Blogger MOB said...

I've never watched Lost before (although I hear it is good). I highly reccomend that The Sopranos be included in your top 5 list!

If you've never watched it before I HIGHLY reccomend it!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Will said...

I've always intended on watching the Sopranos, but never got round to it. Instead, i got into the shield but sort of gave up. I hear the new season of the Sheild is fantastic though, and as soon as I scrounge the DVDs i will watch the Sopranos.

2:30 PM  

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