Friday, September 01, 2006

Dystopia Welcomes You.

It seems that the government can't do anything these days, right? Tony Blair won't pick a date to leave, John Prescott's off galavanting and playing croquet instead of working and Gordon Brown's being the silent partner, ready to swoop at the news of Blair's departure but not quite confident enough to give old Tone the final push.

Not Content with being imbeciles themselves, the government have to force it on other people too. No IVF for you, fatty, not till you get to the gym. No smoking please, its horrible. Yet yes you can have emergency contreception as long as you are old enough to know what you are doing (the dreaded Gillick competence - lawyers amongst you will know this one). Yes the whingers and whiners amongst the government certainly have been latley making some bizzare and conflicting health messages. Overweight women having kids cannot be allowed, yet young women have emergency contreception given away. And now old Tone's got back on his high horse about anti social behaviour, Chavs and Asbos, and the degeneration of the traditional neuclear family model.

You see my friends, these incoherent, inconsistent and quite frankly confusing policies are hallmarks of a government in its death throes. They dont have a specific agenda, they are merely content to slapstickly pursue some popular agenda until the political bandwaggon rolls on and they have to run on to the next topic of the day.

The current government has been quite remarkable in its breathtaking incompetence. Giving money away left right and centre (Iraq, The EU, Benefits), Creating a virtual police style 1984 state and dumbing down our incredibly crap education system.

The current government is so split you could serve it with ice cream as a dessert. And its going to die - we all know it, even the current encumbent innane-smiling despot knows it. The question merely is when.

So it seems that you are in dystopia and in here for the long haul. Until the next general election, anyway when perhaps we might see a rational party with a sensible, coherent agenda voted in. Perhaps.


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